Saturday, September 5, 2009

General Equitable Relief

General Equitable Relief
A. to enforce the performance of contracts, trusts and fiduciary
B. to re-execute or correct instruments lost or erroneously drafted;
C. to set aside transactions which were illegal, fraudulent, etc.;
D. to execute writs of attachment;
E. enjoin actions which will cause irreparable harm.

2. Foreclosures
A. to grant relief involving the reacquisition of property upon
default of mortgage or tax payments.

3. Probate
A. incapacitation/guardianship hearing
B. trust and estate litigation/and or administration
C. special medical hearings

The General Equity Part has a team of court clerks which double as intake
clerks, and handle the filing of all new complaints. The team also receives
and processes motions, answers, emergent applications and all other
pleadings which are then entered into the ACMS system.
All case jackets involving pending cases are stored on the eighth floor.
Most closed cases are stored on the fourteenth and eighth floors.