Wednesday, October 28, 2009

26:2B-19. Rights of juveniles

26:2B-19. Rights of juveniles
All rights afforded any person under this act shall apply to juveniles as may be consistent with present statutory law applying to minors.

L.1975, c. 305, s. 13.

26:2B-20. Records; confidentiality; rights of patients
a. The administrator of each facility shall keep a record of the treatment afforded each patient, which shall be confidential and shall be made available only upon proper judicial order, whether in connection with pending judicial proceedings or otherwise.

b. Any patient shall have the right to have a physician retained by him examine him, consult privately with his attorney, receive visitors, and send and receive communications by mail, telephone and telegraph. Such communications shall not be censored or read without the consent of such patient. The foregoing shall not limit the right of the administrator, subject to reasonable rules and regulations of the department, to prescribe reasonable rules governing visiting hours and the use of telephone and telegraph facilities.

c. No patient may be detained at any facility pursuant to the provisions of this act, without his consent except in accordance with the provision of section 9.

d. Insofar as is practicable a written, comprehensive, individualized treatment plan shall be kept by the administrator for each patient.

e. Each patient shall be entitled to receive adequate and appropriate treatment.

No patient shall be denied the right to vote while he is afforded treatment at a facility.