Sunday, February 14, 2010

Court rule 2:6-8

Court rule 2:6-8 References to a brief or appendix shall be made to the appropriate pages, and references to the stenographic transcript shall be made to the appropriate pages and lines thereof, by the following abbreviations:

"Pb8" for plaintiff's brief, page 8;

"Db8" for defendant's brief, page 8;

"Pa8" for plaintiff's appendix, page 8;

"Da12" for defendant's appendix, page 12;

"Ja15" for joint appendix, page 15;

"Prb8" for plaintiff's reply brief, page 8;

"Pra7" for plaintiff's reply appendix, page 7;

"T8-3" for transcript, page 8, line 3.

If there is more than one plaintiff or defendant, the appropriate party's name or initial or other identifying designation should precede the abbreviation. If there are multiple volumes of transcript, they shall be numbered sequentially by chronology, i.e., 1T, 2T, etc., irrespective of the nature of the proceeding. The procedural history of the appellant's brief shall list in a footnote the date of each volume of transcript and its numbered designation.