Thursday, February 11, 2010

NJ Court Rule 2:5-4. Record on Appeal

2:5-4. Record on Appeal

(a) Contents of Record. The record on appeal shall consist of all papers on file in the court or courts or agencies below, with all entries as to matters made on the records of such courts and agencies, the stenographic transcript or statement of the proceedings therein, and all papers filed with or entries made on the records of the appellate court. The portions of the record that must be included in the appendix filed by appellant are set forth in Rule 2:6-1(a).

(b) Notice of Agency Record. Within 30 days of the service upon it of the notice of appeal the agency or officer from which the appeal is taken shall file in the appellate court a statement of the items comprising the record on appeal and shall serve a copy thereof on each party to the appeal.

(c) Use of Record by Parties. The clerk of the court below or the agency or officer from which the appeal is taken, or the clerk of the Appellate Division if the original transcript is on file there, shall on request deliver the original transcript to the appellant in exchange for a copy. The remainder of the record shall be retained by the clerk or agency except that the attorney for any party may be permitted to make use of any portion of the record in the office of the clerk or agency and remove the original therefrom, provided a copy thereof remains on file. The failure to return such record may constitute contempt of court.

(d) Use of Record by Court. On the request of a party or of a judge of the appellate court, the clerk of the court or courts below or the agency from which the appeal is taken shall deliver to the clerk of the appellate court for use by counsel at the argument or for the personal inspection by the judges thereof such portions of the record as may be designated.