Thursday, April 9, 2015

39:3-75. Safety glass

39:3-75.  Safety glass

The term  "safety glass"  shall be construed as meaning glass so treated or  combined with other materials as to reduce, in comparison with ordinary sheet  glass or plate glass, the likelihood of injury to persons by objects from  exterior sources or by glass when the glass is cracked or broken.  The term   "safety glazing material"  shall be construed as meaning  "safety glass" ;  or  other glazing materials, such as plastics, produced for the purpose of safety  in glazing;  or a combination of safety glass and other safety glazing  material.  The term  "approved safety glazing material" shall be construed as  meaning safety glazing material of a type approved by the director.  In the  approving of safety glazing materials, the director is hereby given authority  to make use of recognized standards to confine the use of certain types of  safety glazing materials to a specific location in or on the vehicle, or to a  certain purpose.

No person shall drive any motor vehicle manufactured on or after July first,  nineteen hundred and thirty-five and registered in this State unless such  vehicle is equipped with approved safety glazing material wherever glazing is  used in doors, windows and windshields.  The term  "windshield" shall be  construed to include wings, deflectors and side shields;  also front corner  lights adjoining windshields.

Every section of safety glazing material shall be legibly and permanently marked with the manufacturers' distinctive designations, under which the safety  glazing material was approved, so as to be visible when installed.

No person shall drive any motor vehicle equipped with safety glazing material which causes undue or unsafe distortion of visibility or equipped with  unduly fractured, discolored or deteriorated safety glazing material, and the  director may revoke the registration of any such vehicle.

Amended by L.1949, c. 258, p. 823, s. 1.