Wednesday, September 23, 2015

New App Connects Public, Attorneys to Municipal Courts

New App Connects Public, Attorneys to Municipal Courts
              The New Jersey Judiciary has developed a mobile app that connects the public and attorneys to resources in the state’s municipal courts, Chief Justice Stuart Rabner announced today.
              The NJMC (New Jersey Municipal Courts) app, available for Apple, Android and Windows mobile devices, presents information about the municipal courts available on the Judiciary’s website, njcourts. com, in an easy-to-use mobile format.
              Using convenient one-touch links, users can pay traffic tickets and access the location, court hours, court leadership and contact information and directions to the state’s 506 municipal courts and resources, including municipal division offices and information on how the municipal courts operate.
              “The development of the NJMC app is another example of how the Judiciary is working to connect the public to useful information on our website in a convenient way,” said Chief Justice Rabner. “People come into contact with the municipal court more than any other part of the court system, so we hope that this information will be extremely valuable.”
              The app is divided into three sections. The first allows users to pay traffic tickets online through NJMCdirect, the second is a searchable, alphabetical listing of the state’s municipal courts, and the third includes links to the publication “Your Day in Municipal Court,” which answers the most-asked questions about how a typical municipal court case proceeds.
              The NJMC app is the third app the Judiciary has developed. The NJAttorney app, released last year, has information attorneys use most frequently, including Notices to the Bar, directions and contact information for courthouses and the court rules and rules of evidence.
              The NJJuror app, released in 2013, offers jurors convenient access to information about their jury service, including directions, parking information, call-off messages and announcements, and contact information for local jury managers. A list of frequently asked questions and a link to the “You, the Juror” introductory video that all jurors watch at the beginning of their jury service also are available. All three apps are available for Apple, Android and Windows mobile devices.