Monday, September 7, 2015

revised rule 7:7-2. Motions

revised rule 7:7-2. Motions
(a) How Made. . . . no change.
(b) Hearings. . . . no change.
(c) Effect of Determination of Motion. . . . no change.
(d) Relief Requested by Certain Incarcerated Persons. An incarcerated, unrepresented

defendant who seeks relief from the municipal court either before or after the entry of a guilty plea or trial, on a matter within the court’s jurisdiction, must set forth the relief requested in writing on a form approved by the Administrative Director of the Courts and submit the form to the Municipal Court and send a copy to the Municipal Prosecutor. The court must respond to the request on the record within 45 days of receipt of the form. If the court does not respond to the request on the record within 45 days, the inmate may seek immediate relief from the vicinage Presiding Judge.
Note: Source-Paragraph (a): R. (1969) 7:4-2(e); paragraph (b): R. (1969) 7:4-2(e), 3:10-2(b); paragraph (c): R. (1969) 3:10-7. Adopted October 6, 1997 to be effective February 1, 1998; new paragraph (d) caption and text adopted July 27, 2015 to be effective September 1, 2015.
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