Monday, December 14, 2015

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(Approved 2/89)
Review while going over jury verdict form
If you find that the plaintiff has
shown by the preponderance (greater
weight) of the credible evidence that (1
) the product as designed, manufactured or
sold was defective, in that it was not r
easonably safe for its intended or reasonably
foreseeable uses, (2) the def
ect existed when the product left the hands and control
of the defendant, (3) that at the time of
the accident the product was being used for
an intended or reasonably foreseeable pur
pose, that is, that it was not being
misused or had not been substantially a
ltered in a way that was not reasonably
foreseeable, (4)
that the defect caused injury to
a direct or reasonably foreseeable
user, or to a person who might reasonably be
expected to come into contact with
the product and (5) that the defect in
the product was a proximate cause of the
accident, then you must find for the plaintiff.
If plaintiff has fa
iled to establish any
one of the just mentioned elements, then you must find for defendant.