Thursday, January 5, 2017

Mandatory Electronic Filing in Criminal Matters as of December 15, 2016


This notice is to inform the bar that the Court has determined that electronic filing
in Criminal matters using eCourts Criminal will be mandatory effective December 15,
2016, with certain limited exceptions. Attached is the Court's December 5, 2016 order
to that effect.

As set forth in the Court's order, as of December 15, 2016, all attorneys and law
firms seeking to file documents in criminal matters must do so electronically through
eCourts, except in the following limited instances: (1) cases not tracked in
PROMIS/Gavel, e.g., expungements, gun permit filings, municipal appeals; (2) filings
that are not part of the court's official case file, e.g., prosecutor discovery pursuant to
Rule 3:13-3(b)(1); (3) filings where a fee is specifically required, e.g., municipal appeals,
expungements; and (4) Megan's Law filings.

Other than in those specified limited instances, any document for filing not
submitted through eCourts Criminal will be returned to the filing attorney marked as
"received but not filed," with notice that it must be filed electronically within ten days of
being returned in order to preserve the original received date as the filed date.
Questions regarding this notice and the Supreme Court's order may be directed
to Superior Court Clerk Michelle M. Smith by email at or
by telephone at 609-421-6100.